Solid Waste Management

Currently UECT in partnership with Morogoro Municipal Council implementing solid waste management program at Kichangani and Lukobe wards by collecting wastes in households level, institutions, business areas, markets and cleanness of open spaces and transportation of wastes to the dumpsites, provision of awareness programmes to the local communities on proper storage of wastes in order to make the Municipal clean and free from diseases caused by environmental pollution.

Number of houses serving             650+


UECT-Tourism and Hospitality Network

The aim of the network is to promote domestic tourism among Tanzanians as well as environmental conservation due the fact that tourism and environment are the two sides in the same coin. Despite Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Tanzania is the leading sector of foreign currency generation and its contribution to economic development furthermore is the leading sector in the provision of employment opportunities especially to youth and women which contribute to poverty alleviation, unfortunately some of local communities are not aware about it.



Thus the propitious task of the network is to change the mindset of the local communities and become bonafide ambassadors and stewards of the development of domestic tourism in Tanzania and environmental conservation at large by

  • Organizing tours and safaris into various tourist destinations
  • Provision of awareness programs to the locals about tourist attractions found in Tanzania
  • Organizing seminars to the locals especially youth and women about opportunities available in the industry for them to pursue
  • Promotion of the spirit and tendency to visit tourism attractions among the Tanzanians
  • Collaboration/partnership with key stakeholders such as Hotels, Tour companies, Travel agency, Tourism and Hotel Management Colleges and environmental conservation organizations
  • Changing the attitude and mindset of the people regarding the perpetuated notion that tourism is for foreigners
  • Cultivation of the will of environmental conservation to the local communities