Umbrella of Economic Change and Transformation (UECT) is a non-governmental, non profit, non political and non denomination but a voluntary organization registered under the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children under Non-Governmental Organizations Act, 2002 with Registration No. 00NGO/00008032 to run its activities in the United Republic of Tanzania. UECT regards the empowerment approach and involvement of the society including marginalized groups as a long term development approach that may speed-up the responses at household to the society level at which poverty, ignorance and diseases can be solved.

Umbrella of Economic Change and Transformation (UECT) is also registered by The Environmental Health Registration Council Act, 2007 and given number RI.00508 to render environmental health services with the aim to overcome diseases caused by environmental pollution as well as preservation of environment for the benefit of present and future generations.

The organization play a vital role on coordinating their efforts, creativity and comprehensive approaches to improve the development and life of the society including marginalized groups and facilitate sustainable development and mind change programs of the society.




To improve the lives of the society by creating a shared vision, development strategies, languages and understanding by addressing the needs of the society through facilitating, coordinating, complementing inputs and supporting partnership of the organization



The strong society that bring up the spirit of development, awareness and self-realization where different groups will realize the surrounding opportunities and utilize their fully potentials to eradicate poverty, ignorance and diseases so as to ensure the sustainability of living




We are committed to work in partnership believing that our aim of improving peoples’ well being is better achieved through cooperation rather than competition. Therefore we seek to build alliance and partnerships with organizations that share our values where it will enhance the impact of our work on the lives of the society


We listen to and learn from our community .we address the root causes of community problems and mobilize resources for the common good


We serve as stewards for our community investments and honor the charitable intentions of our donors to meet current and future needs. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, ethics, integrity, service and fiduciary responsibility



For sustainable development to flourish, humans must strive to be conscious of the impact of their actions and strive towards sustainability. This includes impact on the environment, on other people, on societies and on cultures. This also means that our development efforts should be sensitive and adaptable to the context we work with and that the principle of doing no harm is taken into account in all our activities.


We constantly challenge ourselves to be the highest level of learning and performance to achieve greater impact.


We work together effectively to serve the large community




Samson Sanga
Founder & Executive Director





Eli Seti


Zamoyoni Mahenge
Programme Manager