Umbrella of Economic Change and Transformation (UECT) is a non-governmental, non profit, non political and non denomination but a voluntary organization registered under the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children under Non-Governmental Organizations Act, 2002 with Registration No. 00NGO/00008032 to run its activities in the United Republic of Tanzania. UECT regards the empowerment approach and involvement of the society including marginalized groups as a long term development approach that may speed-up the responses at household to the society level at which poverty, ignorance and diseases can be solved.


To improve the lives of the society by creating a shared vision, development strategies, languages and understanding by addressing the needs of the society through facilitating, coordinating, complementing inputs and supporting partnership of the organization






The strong society that bring up the spirit of development, awareness and self-realization where different groups will realize the surrounding opportunities and utilize their fully potentials to eradicate poverty, ignorance and diseases so as to ensure the sustainability of living





Areas of Intervention


Umbrella of Economic Change and Transformation intended to impact people’s altitude towards the development and employment generating activities, .


Umbrella of Economic Change and Transformation empowers people through provision of education in order to be independent thinkers and to reason things out


Umbrella of Economic Change and Transformation aimed at educating local communities on the modes of transmutation, prevention and cure for the HIV/AIDS, ….




Head office

Umbrella of Economic Change and Transformation (UECT)

Mwande Street, Kichangani Ward, Morogoro – Tanzania

P.O.Box 673, Morogoro

Mobile: +255 714 639 380/ +255 766 622 976

Email: uecttanzania@gmail.com  /info@uect.or.tz


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